Input/output functions are handled by an operating system Custom Essay

Which of the following input/output functions are handled by an operating system? (Choose all that apply.) A) retrieving data from a DVD B) communicating with a network interface card C) handling output to a printer D) handling communications via a digital modem 2. Your computer holds two hard drives and one of the drives has failed. After you install a new hard drive that is faster and larger than the old one, the computer operating frequently displays error messages that the drive is not ready. What should you do first?? A) send back the new hard drive for one that is the same size as the original drive B) contact the drive manufacturer to be sure the hard drive is digitally signed C) contact the drive manufacturer for the latest device driver that addresses problems for that drive D) set a dip switch on the hard drive so that it operates at the lowest speed until the operating system can recognize it, and then reset the dip switch 3. The large bank where you work uses an older mainframe to make a customer service database available for complex reports and queries about customer profiles. When 12 users run large reports on the mainframe at the same time, this is an example of which of the following? A) batching B) interfacing C) overload D) time-sharing 4. The interim release of Windows Server 2008 is called . 5. Microsoft’s first multitasking operating system is . 6. The enhanced Print Management Console release in Windows Server 2003 R2 allows for: (Choose all that apply) A) remote installation of network printers B) ability to view general printer information C) remotely diagnose a printer problem D) ability to turn printer on and off remotely 7. Windows 2000 was a significant rewrite of the Windows 98 kernel. True or False? A) True B) False 8. Probably the most exciting feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 95 was called ___________________. A) Active Directory B) The Registry C) Plug and Play D) Multitasking 9. A virtual private network (VPN) is: A) a standalone virtual network B) a virtual network residing within one computer C) a private network that is like a tunnel through a larger network D) a network that can only be observed from the outside on rare occasions 10. Looking at Windows Server 2008 R2, which of the following statements apply: (Choose all that apply) A) Released in both a 32-bit and 64-bit version B) Shares same core operating system with Windows Vista C) Available in seven versions D) integration features with Windows XP and Windows Vista 11. The bus is used to keep the CPU informed of the status of resources and devices connected to the computer. 12. Hyper-Threading Technology enables two separate processors to appear to the operating system as a single processor. True or False? A) True B) False 13. The first widely used personal computer CPU was manufactured by Intel and their model number was: a. 68040 b. 80286 c. 8086 d. 8088 A) 68040 B) 80286 C) 8086 D) 8088 14. Mobile phones around the world use CISC processors. True or False. A) True B) False 15. Manufacturers rate their CPU speeds based on the _____________________. (Choose all that apply) A) external clock speed B) pipelining speed C) internal clock speed D) core speed times the number of cores 16. An EPIC CPU design: A) evolved from the CISC processor B) was created in a joint project between Apple and IBM C) allows a single processor to execute 20 or more operations at a time D) uses a companion chip with a built-in compiler 17. Instruction pipelining is a processing technique that allows the processor to operate on one instruction at a time with the pipeline keeping the instructions in order? A) True B) False 18. A specialized piece of hardware call the predicts what data will be needed and makes it available in cache before it is needed. 19. Multicore processors _____________________. (Choose all that apply) A) have two or more cores such as dual-care and quad-core. B) are able to perform multiple instructions at a time in each core. C) refers to the number of CPUs in your system. D) execute basic instructions on multicores like reading data from memory or sending data to the screen 20. One way to improve the performance of a Web server that is often slow is to upgrade to a processor that has a large amount of fast L2 cache, or a combination of L1, L2, and L3 cache. True or False? A) True B) False 21. A CPU with an external clock speed of 2 GHz and a 64-bit data bus could transfer as much as _____GB per second. A) 8 GB B) 16 GB C) 64 GB D) None of the above 22. Multithreading is the ability to run _______ processes, known as threads, at the same time. (Choose all that apply) A) two B) one C) three D) four 23. AMD manufacturers which of the following chips. (Choose all that apply) A) Atom B) Duron C) Xeon D) Phenom 24. Windows Server 2003 R2 is a(n) release of the server operating system. 25. Press the key to enable you to boot a Macintosh computer from an installation DVD. 26. Windows Server 2003 uses the backup tool which is not compatible with the Windows Server Backup tool. 27. The dump and tar commands in Linux distributions are used to files. 28. True or False? All hard drives have the same number of platters, heads, and tracks. A) True B) False 29. Your assistant is attempting to configure a modem in Linux. When he types minicom at the command line and presses Enter, he does not see any options for configuring the modem. What might be the problem? (Choose all that apply.) A) He needs to type minicom – s and press Enter. B) He must type miniconfig and press Enter. C) There is no modem installed in the computer. D) Minicom only works for USB modems and his computer has a serial modem. 30. A new employee on your staff has been explaining to a group of computer users that digital modems use modulation/demodulation to convert digital signals to carrier signals on computer lines. What is your reaction? (Choose all that apply.) A) You commend this employee for helping others understand digital modems. B) You add that digital modems are typically slower than other kinds of modems because modulation/ demodulation takes extra time. C) You share with the group that digital modems use octal signals for communications. D) You add a correction by noting that digital modems are actually not modems because they use digital data transmissions from start to finish. 31. For which operating system would you use Network Connection tool to configure modems? (Choose all that apply.) A) UNIX / Linux B) Windows 7 C) Mac OS X D) Windows Server 2008 R2 32. One of your customers is having trouble because modem communications seem to pause unexpectedly and then start again. Which of the following would you try first? (Choose all that apply.) A) Change the modem setup to use hardware flow control because it is currently set for software flow control. B) Replace the UART in the modem. C) Change the modem’s speed to 24 Kbps because 56 Kbps is too fast. D) Reduce the size of the incoming data buffer to 8 bytes. 33. Which of the following are security features in a wireless environment? (Choose all that apply.) A) Strong default password B) Plug n Play C) Firewall D) Filtering by MAC address 34. _________________________ is a basic but important form of error correction used by modems. (Choose all that apply.) A) Bitmapped error correction B) Start bit/ stop bit error correction C) UUENCODE D) Port modulation 35. You have purchased a satellite system for your Internet access. It worked great for a little while and then it slows down. You experience delays in screen displays and then they display quickly. What might be the problem? (Choose all that apply.) A) Weather B) Satellite usage C) Size of satellite dish D) Signal strength of user’s equipment 36. You’ve purchased a cable modem from a friend who no longer needs hers. When you set it up, it does not properly communicate on your cable network. Which of the following is a likely explanation of the problem? (Choose all that apply.) A) Your cable network uses analog modems and not cable modems. B) The cable modem you purchased has more channels than are available from your cable provider. C) Your cable provider requires DOCSIS 2.0 or above compatibility and your modem does not conform to these standards. D) The distance from the cable connection in your house to the pole in the alley exceeds the signal strength of the cable modem you purchased. 37. Which of the following operating systems cannot be used on an Ethernet network? A) Mac OS X and Unix B) Windows Vista C) Linux D) All of the above can be used on Ethernet networks. 38. When a network backbone is designed, which of the following speeds might be built into the design of the backbone? (Choose all that apply.). A) 10 Mbps B) 16 Mbps C) 10 Gbps D) 100 Gbps 39. Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection is a transmission control method used on which kind of network? A) Ethernet B) Token ring C) Managed D) Unswitched cloud 40. You are in the store perusing wireless devices and notice that most of the boxes show 802.11n. What is the native transmission speed of 802.11n? A) 10 Mbps B) 28 Mbps C) 100 – 300 Mbps D) 1 – 10 Gbps 41. Windows operating systems use the network driver specification. 42. Your small organization has just set up a network connecting Windows 7 and Mac OS X workstations. You recommend setting up a Windows Server 2008 server from which to share files. However, the manager of customer services complains in a meeting that his Mac OS X workstation won’t be able to access Windows-based files. What is your response? A) Mac OS X users can access the files on the server by installing Client32 software. B) Mac OS X users can access the shared server files through the Connect To Server tool in Mac OS X. C) Mac OS X users cannot access files formatted for Windows- based systems, but they can store and share files formatted for Mac OS X systems on a Mac OS X partition created on the Windows Server 2008 server. D) Mac OS X systems cannot access Windows Server 2008, so the organization should also purchase a Mac OS X server. 43. What happens when you execute chmod 0755 calc.c, where calc.c is a calculator program on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server? (Choose all that apply.) A) Group members can execute the program as well as make programming changes to the program file. B) No one can execute the program other than the owner. C) Only nongroup members can execute the program. D) The owner of the program file can execute it and change it. 44. Which of the following are reasons why networks exist? (Choose all that apply.) A) File sharing B) Account sharing C) Printer sharing D) Fax sharing 45. Kerberos is an example of a(n) ________________ on a Windows Server 2008. (Choose all that apply.) A) template B) password restriction C) system folder D) account policy 46. You are in charge of a group of server administrators who manage servers for an organization that uses Active Directory and has multiple domains and trees. What type of Windows Server 2008 security groups might you set up to simplify security access for the server administrators across all domains and trees? A) One global group that contains access to all resources and all of the server adminis-trators’ user accounts. B) A domain local group that enables access to resources in all domains and a global group of all server administrators’ user accounts. C) A universal group that contains access to resources in all domains and a global group of all server administrators’ user accounts. D) A global group that contains access to all resources and domain local groups in each domain which contain all of the server administrators’ user accounts. 47. After you start your Windows 7 computer in the morning, you attempt to access your organization’s network to open an inventory program, but you don’t seem to be able to make a network connection. Which of the following commands enables you to test your computer’s ability to connect to the network? A) find net B) net test C) ping D) listen 48. As you are examining the contents of the Windows directory in Windows 7, which of the following are subdirectories you would expect to find? (Choose all that apply.) A) sbin B) system C) etc D) system32 49. Your organization’s Windows Server 2008 server has been running a little slow and you decide to check the virtual memory configuration. The server has 8 GB of memory. What should the initial size of the paging file be set at in terms of MB? A) 4,852 MB B) 6,442 MB C) 12,288 MB D) 32,722 MB 50. How can you purge a file in Mac OS X Snow Leopard? A) Send the file to the Trash and then delete it from the Trash. B) Right- click the file and click purge. C) Copy the file to another hard drive and then delete it. D) Mac OS X files are always purged as soon as they are deleted.

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